The Infamous KID STARE

We all know what it’s like to be stared at but there is nothing more funny and frustrating then the KID STARE.

You are doing something like waiting in line at the grocery store and all of the sudden you feel a pair of small (often beady eyes) searing a number of holes through your body.

They start with a once over, quickly look away and then right back (as if you are going to change).  Then they just stare up at you while their little arm frantically waves by their side attempting to get their parents attention.  They might even say something that is normally very inappropriate like “she’s big!” but you can’t be mad because they are so little and more importantly YOU would be the inappropriate one for slapping them.

It’s hilarious until…

they get their parents attention.

One of three things happen:

1)      The parent quickly rushes their child off because they are embarrassed beyond belief.

2)      They partake in the staring and look like a complete idiot.

3)      They partake in the staring, look like an idiot and take it to another level by co-signing on the “she’s big!” with a “yes she is honey.”  Would the slap be appropriate here?

Of course, violence is not the answer. But what do you do in this situation? 

I always correct the child and tell them that “I am tall. Not big.” If the parents won’t do it, I feel like I should. Furthermore, if the parent validated the comment, I tell both of them.  Literally.  I look at one and say it and then I look at the other and say it again.

Kids man…you gotta love em (the parents, not so much). 

How do you handle the kid stare situation? 

Photo courtesy of For the record, I do not approve of these pants, shoes or socks, but the 'kid stares' were too perfect lol.