Tall Glass of Water

You gotta love tall fashionistas Lynn and Kate for what they are doing for tall women!  These tall twins (6'2" and 6'3") created an amazing line of jeans and pants called TallWater Jeans.  They come in sizes 6-14 with...wait for it...38" inseams!  They are cut correct for a women blessed with height and super cute!  It's their first line and I am sure they will be flying off the shelves (if they haven't already!).  Get rid of your high waters and order some TallWaters now...click quick!

TALLWATER JEANS at Tallwaterjeans.com. Check out the brand new collection! Sizes 6-14. 38" inseam. Comes in the Elle cut ($140), the Kat Flare ($140) and the Brooke Yoga Pant ($60).