Ace of Base

Tall Long Sleeve Body - Taller Than Your Average/Calvin Klein Animal Print Skirt - Savers/Collared Moto Vest - Forever 21/Color Blocked Animal Pumps - Christian Siriano for Payless (size 12)/Textured Tights - Walmart (George brand size 4)/Clutch - H&M/Cuff - Express/Shades - Payless

Photo credit: Clara Rice Photography

There are some pieces that I feel a tall girl must have in her repertoire. You may have heard me talk about foundational pieces. They are those base items that you can build multiple looks from and the Tall Long Sleeve Body from Taller Than Your Average is one of them.

This bodysuit is long enough in the body (no tugging on your muff) and has arms so long that I sometimes have to ruche them on the bottom (just the kind of problem we like).  It's perfect for layers and I often use it for turning a summer look into a winter look.  Just put it on under any structured sleeveless dress, add tights, boots and a scarf and poof-bam-pow, you have a winter fit.  It also looks amazing with trousers (sleeks you out and you don't have to tuck your blouse in all day).

I can't wait to show you more pieces from Taller Than Your Average but don't be surprised if you see this tall bodysuit in other posts (that's what washer and dryers are for:). 

I paired it with a thrifted skirt from one of my fav thrift stores Savers ($6.99), a faux moto jacket from Forever 21, some C. Siriano pumps and my go-to tights (that are plenty long) from good ol walmeezy (my language for Walmart).

What would you wear the Tall Long Sleeve Body with?

That's Not Tight

The other day I had an event and wanted to wear some lace tights with a little black dress and some platform pumps.  It was last minute so I went to a local store and looked through their selection.  I found a pair that said it fit up to 6'4"!  I was pumped.  Even though I am 6'6" I thought "they are tights...they stretch." Yea...not so much.

So I paid $10 bucks and went on my way.  I got home, put them on and to my horror, the crotch landed mid thigh and the top of my cheeks were fully exposed. Not tight.  On top of that, the lace print was so distorted from attempting to stretch over my long legs that it looked I had a million runs in my panty hose. Again, not tight.

There was no way that I was wearing them.  I would of had to waddle like a duck just to keep them up.  Imagine, my 6'6" frame (6'11" in heels) waddling down the street stopping every 2 seconds to pull those bad boys up.  Not happening and certainly not tight.

I am sure you have had a similar experience so I thought I would post my favorite tights, you can share yours and we can all help each other out.  We can't let each other waddle!

 LONG TALL SALLY LONGER LENGTH TIGHTS at Longtallsally.com. Comes in medium, large and extra large. They have opaque, cable jacquard and Denier. They also have longer length knee highs. HUE TIGHTS at Hue.com. The size charts say that they only go up to 6' however I have been wearing these for years. They fit great and last forever! I am a big fan. LEVANTE TIGHTS at MyTights.com. I personally have never tried these but have 3 friends from 6' to 6'2" who swear by them. DONNA KARAN HOSIERY at www.DonnaKaran.com. They have tall tights. They don't work for me however a bunch of my firends up to 6'1" love them. GEORGE TIGHTS at Walmart.com. I had a run in my tights once and had to make a quick Walmart run to pick up a new pair. I got the George tights. They fit wonderfully and I have used them many times. They have more options in the actual store then they do online.