Tall Style: Some Like it Hot

This is my 'pushing the limits at work' outfit.  You are completely covered but it's so HOT that it borders on inappropriate:) You can also take it from day to night without running home to change...  

1) Roll the sleeves up to 3/4 length, unbutton a couple of those buttons and take off the tights...

2) Take off the necklace, throw on some statement earrings and a bracelet...

3) Turn the purse into a clutch by tucking in the chain...

and you are READY TO MINGLE! 

Do you like it hot?  Start clicking away NOW. 

TOP: Button-Through Satin Shirt at Long Tall Sally. $65. Sizes 6-18. 27" sleeve length.

SKIRT: Tall PU Side Pencil Skirt at Top Shop. $58. Sizes 8-16. 

SHOES: Gwyneth Paisley at Exceptional Footprints. $129. Sizes 11-14.

TIGHTS: Textured Stripe Tights at Hue. $9.37. Says up to 6' but they stretch. Details about tall tights HERE.

BAG: Croc Embossed Leatherette Handbag at Forever 21. $8.99.

DAY JEWELS: Hive & Honey Half Moon Necklace at Piperlime. $24. Rain Gold-Tone and Gunmetal-Tone Twosome Adjustable Ring at Endless. $45.

NIGHT JEWELS: Dangling Disc Earrings at bebe. $22.90. New Glam Statement Bangle Set at bebe. $44

That's Not Tight

The other day I had an event and wanted to wear some lace tights with a little black dress and some platform pumps.  It was last minute so I went to a local store and looked through their selection.  I found a pair that said it fit up to 6'4"!  I was pumped.  Even though I am 6'6" I thought "they are tights...they stretch." Yea...not so much.

So I paid $10 bucks and went on my way.  I got home, put them on and to my horror, the crotch landed mid thigh and the top of my cheeks were fully exposed. Not tight.  On top of that, the lace print was so distorted from attempting to stretch over my long legs that it looked I had a million runs in my panty hose. Again, not tight.

There was no way that I was wearing them.  I would of had to waddle like a duck just to keep them up.  Imagine, my 6'6" frame (6'11" in heels) waddling down the street stopping every 2 seconds to pull those bad boys up.  Not happening and certainly not tight.

I am sure you have had a similar experience so I thought I would post my favorite tights, you can share yours and we can all help each other out.  We can't let each other waddle!

 LONG TALL SALLY LONGER LENGTH TIGHTS at Comes in medium, large and extra large. They have opaque, cable jacquard and Denier. They also have longer length knee highs. HUE TIGHTS at The size charts say that they only go up to 6' however I have been wearing these for years. They fit great and last forever! I am a big fan. LEVANTE TIGHTS at I personally have never tried these but have 3 friends from 6' to 6'2" who swear by them. DONNA KARAN HOSIERY at They have tall tights. They don't work for me however a bunch of my firends up to 6'1" love them. GEORGE TIGHTS at I had a run in my tights once and had to make a quick Walmart run to pick up a new pair. I got the George tights. They fit wonderfully and I have used them many times. They have more options in the actual store then they do online.