Christmas Past

These are pretty pictures but I didn’t wear this dress to any holiday parties. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t invited to not a one.

It’s been strange. Actually even more strange than not working in an office anymore. Being apart from the corporate situation for nearly 6 months now, there have been many changes but for some reason this change is bizarre. When you leave your job you don’t think about things like that. You think of the overall picture, know that it’s not painted for you and free yourself but you don’t think of your situational social scene being snatched from you.

I grieved for a moment and shortly realized it was just that, situational. Who wants a holiday party full of faux cheer? I certainly don’t. A lot of revelations have occurred since I chose faith and this isn’t a mistake. When you take a path to purpose everything can’t come with you. While you don’t know what’s ahead, you must be different when you get there. That difference isn’t merely internal. You will lose a lot of external things. Many won’t make sense but what does, is God’s plan. He knows what needs to go. You gain much more than you lose when you trust him with the loss.

Do not pity me. She is truly the happiest she has been in years. Mourn for those that remain in the comfort of a Christmas party that is no longer serving them. This unused holiday dress is a revolution in growth.

Applaud the faith and pray for the woman that I am becoming. She looks strong to me. I can’t wait to see what God does with her life. He is already working wonders. Believe me.

Multiway Dress - Long Tall Sally (shown in a size 10) / Shoes - Payless/Accessories - Forever21  Photos by  Lakeela Smith

Multiway Dress - Long Tall Sally (shown in a size 10)/ Shoes - Payless/Accessories - Forever21

Photos by Lakeela Smith

*This moment of truth is brought to you by a woman who is finally walking in hers. It’s a gorgeous walk and she is thankful for every step.

Holiday SWAG

The holidays are RIGHT around the corner and you know what that parties! Time to eat, mingle and above everything, be cute:)

Personally, I like to start with a little black dress and then stack the deck with HOT shoes, bling, blang and a coat that introduces your whole look the minute you walk in.

SWAG out your holiday part-tays with these tall picks.  Not a fan?  Find your own with the TallSWAG links to the left.



Kate Long Sleeve Rouched Dress at $138. Sizes small to large. Shown in black.  Also comes in hot pink.  

SHOES (top to bottom, left to right):

Wink Gold at $69.99. Sizes 10-12.

Blair Jewel Bow Flat at $29.99. Sizes 5-13. 

Steve Madden Sasha Heel at $79. Sizes 11-14. 

Enzo Angiolini Mistle pump at $89.95. Sizes 4-12.

J. Renee Dayna at $88. Sizes 5-13. 


Crushed Fur Coat at $239. Sizes 6-18. Only low availability left!


Strobe lights at $15. 


Hambright at $55.