Happy Monday

Footwear can save a terrible day.  For example, this morning I woke up and couldn't believe it was already Monday.  I was legitimately mad that I had to get out of bed, get ready and drag myself to the office.  I thought about all of the things I could be doing (mainly sleep) and was extremely pissed at the world for dealing me the "you have to be responsible and go to work" card. 

But then...an amazing excited feeling came over me and I jumped up out of bed...ran to the closet (actually I just opened it because I have a small apartment and am basically in my closet when I get out of bed) and found the ONLY thing that could turn my frown upside-down...a brand spankin new pair of shoes! Da da na na! I was up and out of the apartment as fast as I could shower, dress and slip the shoes on.

Moral of the story: save your new shoes for Monday's.  They are a bright spot in a terribly dark day.

Speaking of bright spots...check out these colorful new arrivals from BarefootTess.com:

NEW COLORFUL ARRIVALS at BarefootTess.com. Featured styles: FS/NY Crunch Flat (Top right, $189, sizes 11 - 13), Bernardo Miran Sandal (Bottom right, $159, sizes 11 - 13), Nine West Voska Heel (middle, $89, sizes 11 - 14), DV by Dolce Vita Nyle Sandal (top left, $59, sizes 9.5 and 11-13) and Steve Madden Tailor Flat (bottom left, sizes 12 - 14).

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FS/NY CRUNCH FLAT at BarefootTess.com. $189. Sizes 11 - 13. BERNARDO MIRAN SANDAL at BarefootTess.com. $159. Sizes 11 - 13. Shown in Camel. Also comes in Cafe Au Lait and Cocoa.

NINE WEST VOSKA HEEL at BarefootTess.com. $89. Sizes 11 - 14. Shown in green. Also comes in natural and black.DV BY DOLCE VITA NYLE SANDAL at BarefootTess.com. $59. Sizes 9.5 and 11 - 13. Shown in natural. Also comes in white and black.STEVE MADDEN TAILOR FLAT at BarefootTess.com. $49. Sizes 12 - 14. Shown in Red Plaid. Also comes in silver metallic, canvas, Navy/white, Cognac, black leather and black glitter.