The Tall and the Short of It

I know this has happened to you at least once or twice.  You are out somewhere and you see a group of guys coming your way.  To your surprise most of the guys are handsome and tall and then they have that one shorter friend that is part of the pack.  He somehow makes his way to the front of the group and like a spotlight finds you first.  You freeze hoping that he skips over you but it's no use...he has claimed you and you are off limits to the other guys in the group. 

The guy walks over to you with a line like " are a nice tall glass of ice water" and then he follows up with "you know we are the same size laying down."  Wow.  Lines like that will get you nowhere but it still happens all of the time.

I say that to say this...would it be any different if one of the tall guys had spit those lines?  I vote "NO" however in the moment would the height make a difference?  Do we give tall men a pass because they are taller then us and that's what we think we should be with?  Is the short guys problem his height or his tacky lines? And the we have to be with a man taller then us to make us happy?

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