She's Got Legs

I don't know what your weather is like but at my spot it rained all weekend.  I threw on a sweater with a pair of my favorite comfy leggings and to my horror there was a hole in them!  I can't blame anyone but myself.  I wear those leggings every chance I get and can't be mad at them for throwing in the towel the millionth time I wore them. But the fact remains that I am one legging down.  Long Legs to the rescue!  They have tall leggings galore with great prices.  From cotton kick backs to a more refined tailored look, Long Legs has the perfect legging for...well...those long legs lol.  I ordered the charcoal cotton/spandex legging to replace my weathered pair.  Which ones are you going to order?

LEGGINGS at Over 10 styles to choose from. Featured styles from right to left: Black Cotton/Spandex Legging ($29.50), Camo Print Legging ($45), Black Rushed Legging ($42) and Charcoal Cotton/Spandex Legging ($29.50). All 37" inseams.