spring style

Do you still care?


I’m doing this post for 2 reasons…

1. This outfit is fabulous. The top and pants are straight asos tall. If you know me, you know that the asos tall line is my jam. And these shoes (enter eye bulging emoji). I am in love. They are from Smash Shoes. Again, if you know me, you know that Smash Shoes is also my jam. Quick note: order a size down in this shoe. It also comes in beige and I am here for it. Last but certainly not least...I die for these earrings! Full disclosure, my bestie makes them and she named them after me (emotional tear) but even if I didn't know her, I would buy ALL of her creations because they are fly. Actually fly doesn't even begin to describe her pieces. Don't believe me? See for yourself:-)

2. Do you care about style posts anymore?

No seriously. Be honest. I want to know.

While I will always share tall tips with you, do you still want to see what I am wearing? For me personally, I am moving into a space where my overall life is far more important than what I put on.

Gasp. Try not to fall out. Hold yourself up. It’s going to be ok.

I have a lot of life changes going on. Some amazing. Some very unpleasant. But the one thing that I know, is that the important things are being highlighted in the most vibrant way and clothing really isn’t anywhere in the top 10 right now. Do I strongly like clothing? Heck yes. Do I think I will die without it? Heck no.

So basically, I wanted to see if you were on the same wave. I feel like the Cinderella days of style blogs are over. Style posts or not, my evolution will be televised on TallSWAG. I’m going to do what I want to do, when I feel like doing it but I’m highly curious about your thoughts.

Let a tall girl know…are you still into what people are wearing? Por que?


Shoes - The Mercedes in Tan by Smash Shoes (up to size 13) /Oversized Dress Shirt, Faux Leather Mini Skirt and Clutch - H&M/Bracelet and Necklace - Forever 21  Photo Credit:  YBowyer Photography

Shoes - The Mercedes in Tan by Smash Shoes (up to size 13)/Oversized Dress Shirt, Faux Leather Mini Skirt and Clutch - H&M/Bracelet and Necklace - Forever 21

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

There are so many things I want to do when I find the one. Obviously, as someone who is waiting for her husband, sex is at the tippy top of that list (let's keep it real) but another more stylish point on my list of todos is to wear my man's clothes. I mean, it's a whole new, super comfy wardrobe that is already mine and he has no idea that he is building it for me right as we speak.

Until then, I have to make do with some select menswear inspired choices of my own and this oversized dress shirt from H&M definitely fits the bill. You can dress it up or down but the end result is always a sultry, fierce look. An oversized dress shirt is one of my must have options for spring and summer.

Today I paired it with a faux leather mini skirt but you can rock it with some ripped skinny jeans, shorts, really anything and create the same sexy style.

My foot candy is from a brand that is climbing to the top of my shoe heart with every style they release! The Mercedes is by Smash Shoes (also comes in black). They make some super hot styles in sizes 10-13. If you haven't checked them out...what are you waiting for!?! I have also reviewed the Rollie in a previous post and can't say enough about the brand that was created just for us!

This is also proof that you can walk in to a store and find something. It's an homage to #5 on my list of Tall Style Tips that Every Tall Girl Needs to Know...TRY EVERYTHING ON! You will have some misses but the makes are worth the trials!

PS. Yes I am aware that I need a tan. I tried a little DIY bronzing with some disastrous results (which I cleverly tried to disguise in my last post with makeup)  but until I master it, this is what you are going to get. A Tall Girls pockets can't pay for a constant spray tan and I definitely doesn't have the time or proper sun to lay out right now...ya feel me!

Catch ya later Tall Beauties! xoxo:)