new year


Like many people, I’m trying to minimize everything I own (for the record, I have not watched Tidying Up yet but it’s on my list). I have way too many things and instead of giving them to some random thrift store, I decided to sell them to Tall Girls that truly need them. Enter postmark!

This is the first wave (around 33 items). in my mind I was going to go through everything and list it all at once but man is it hard to get rid of things. I think for us in particular, we think ‘when will we ever find this item again?’ So we keep everything we can and end up needing an extra closet for things that we don’t even wear. But the thing is, in order to make space for the new things in our lives, you must clear the old. I am doing that in more ways than one and I am waiting in anticipation to see how God honors it.

So, check out the store and tell me what you think. There are jeans, shoes, maxi dresses, floor length bridesmaids dresses and a couple of things that haven’t even been worn yet.

Here are some things that are posted. I can’t wait for you to rock them!

Black Again for the First Time

It's getting close to the New Year and I can't wait to bring in 2011.  I started searching for the perfect fit to kick-off the New Year but then I don't have any money to spend on a dress you will only rock one time.  So I decided to look for a basic black dress that I could dress up, down, backwards and forwards.  Let's face this economy you have to be smart with your TallSWAG purchases.

I found the perfect dress and paired it with some bling that I already had in my collection.  I will be rockin that dress many different ways in THE 11:) 

Find your perfect black dress.  Start with these top picks...

LITTLE BLACK DRESSES FOR THE NEW YEAR. Selected styles from left to right: Tall Holly One-Shoulder Dress at ($129.99), Tall Ruffle Zip Dress at ($69.50) and Nadir Dress at ($85).

 TALL HOLLY ONE-SHOULDER DRESS at $129.99. HURRY! They are going fast. Limited quantities available.

RUFFLE ZIP DRESS at $69.50. Sizes 4 to 16. Also comes in plum.

NADIR DRESS at $85. HURRY! Limited quantities left.