Some women believe the lie that you must wear as little clothing as possible to be sexy...this is so incredibly far from the truth.

Now, there may be those times where a little dress or short shorts are appropriate (you have seen me and will see me wear both on this blog) but you don't have to show skin to be sexy. Showing the silhouette of your figure underneath chic threads can be one of the sexist statements you could make.

Take this fit. Everything is covered and nothing is tight but I will challenge anyone who tells me it's not hot. It's layers, oversized fit and delicate body chain all create a balanced look that is comfy-haute. The trick is to not go too oversized. If the clothing gets too frumpy you will get totally lost in it. You always, in any situation, want to wear the clothes and neva eva eva eva let them wear you.

More importantly YOU supersede any piece of clothing that you can put on. I don't care how amazing the piece is, if you do not feel good...nothing will look good. Stand tall, embrace everything that makes you beautiful and always shine from the inside out.