Neon Summer

I love fashion.  Certain garments just do something to me.  You fellow fashion mavens know exactly what I mean. BUT there are some days where it is so unbelievably hot, that I don't want to wear anything. HOWEVER I would be arrested walking around in public in the buff.  I can just see the headline, "Tall Girl Naked and Cuffed." I think we can all agree that this is something we would never want to see published about ourselves or others.

Thus, I take a smarter approach and find clothes that breathe.  That's why, when I found this asymmetrical, sheer, neon tank, buying it was a no brainer.  It's a simple piece, that makes a statement (gotta love a garment that contradicts itself). Also, it's shape yields to wear just a bandeau top underneath which further makes a hot girl, cool. Score.

I paired it with some cut off denim shorts (made by moi), some tribal inspired frosting, silver sandals from Payless and a handbag turned clutch (I just snipped off the strap) that I found at the Salvation Army for $3.99.

There you have it.  My 'stay cool when it's hot without running around naked' look.  How do you stay cool on a hot day?

Yes. My toes are long. I accept and embrace my tall piggies. Without them, I would be the tall girl with really small feet who falls down all the time. Not a good look.

Shirt/Bandeau top/Bracelet - Collage Clothing Lounge. Shorts - Free99 Cutoffs. Earrings - Charlotte Russe. Clutch - Thrifted. Sandals - Payless.

Photo credit: Doug-Ho (HkoPhoto)