Wedding Bells

For some reason I have become a professional wedding guest.  I go to so many weddings that I have the standard vows memorized, I know which caterers you should and should not use and every pastor knows me by my first name. I also know which songs get the crowd going and am considering a side job as a wedding DJ. DJ TallSWAG sounds amazing.  Of course, most of this isn’t true but you get my point. I go to a lot of freakin weddings. 

This is my most recent wedding guest ensemble.  It was an outdoor/indoor wedding.  I searched forever for an asymmetrical dress that didn’t creep up so high in the front that I would pull a Britney. You will never guess where I found it…TARGET! I got the earrings there too. You gotta love a place where you can pick-up bananas, eye shadow, pillow cases and a dress that is actually fashionable in the same spot. Score.

I threw my hair in a messy side bun (not a pony, but I still think Andy Cohen would be proud), put on some neutral payless sandals, a Forever21 cuff, threw my keys, lip gloss and ID into my H&M clutch and was off to my 1,047th wedding (again, not true but certainly reiterates my point).

What did you rock to your last wedding?

*Please excuse the mini afro puff at the nape of my neck. Somehow it made it past the flat iron.

Dress and earrings - Target/Cuff - H&M/Shoes - Payless (size 12)/Clutch - H&M

Photo credit: Kate Bowyer (YBowyer Photography)