Tall Adventures in Sewing

I started my sewing classes at Better Living Through Sewing and they are SEW fun:)  Now that I got that corny line out of my system, let me tell you about my first Tall Adventure in Sewing...

There are so many points of inspiration throughout the room where the classes are held. Love this!Picture it, a room full of people, sewing machines, lots of thread and absolutely no clue of what to do with it all. Well, at least I didn't.  After learning the technical terms of sewing (which has enhanced my viewing pleasure of Project Runway ten fold), I was fumbling with all of the sewing machine parts, needles and bobbins the moment I sat in my chair. 

This is the instructor Diana. Also known as the 'amazing Diana'. She's been sewing since she was 9 and is on team tall. She's my sewing hero. Although wide eyed and eager to get my creative on, my hands just couldn't thread the machine!  Let me tell you, getting that machiene threaded is half the battle.  Thanks to the amazing Diana and a great classmate (who might I add gets the Amazing Dad award because he is in the class to learn how to sew clothes for his kids), I got the machine threaded and was on my way to sewing my first seam.

Meet Betty White. She's what I'm learning on. She's been through a lot (her foot and base kept falling off) BUT her year's of knowledge can only make my experience better:)We started off with something simple (thank goodness).  A folded piece of muslin (a light cotton generally used to test fit a garment before making it) was placed in front of us.  We were shown how to properly pin and press it and then it was time for what I like to call THE FIRST BIG SEW.  So I lined it up with the amazing marks already provided (very important) and was off.  I pushed that foot pedal down and held my breath for all of the 20 seconds it took me to sew my first seam....wait for it...wait for it...

She's absolutely amazing isn't she!?!  I am so proud and have been continually patting myself on the back ever since.  OK, so she's no couture gown or anything BUT she's the first step to what I hope is a long sewing journey.

Now for the bad news. Let me introduce you to this terrible book...

This thing had the nerve to tell me that I am a size 18.  The audacity!  Excuse me book, but I have always been a 10-12 so I reject your size 18 assessment.  But again, the amazing Diana saved the day and explained that although sizes have changed in the stores over the years, pattern sizes have not.  Thus, the 18's of yesteryear are our 10-12's of today.  It made me feel better, but I'm still a little salty at the book.  I might have some words with it at the next class.

At the end of the first class, I emerged with my first sew, a ton of knowledge and a mission for some fabric, a freakin SIZE 18 pattern and the notions to go with it (Notions: A variety of small objects or accessories. Notions can include items that are sewn or otherwise attached to a finished article, such as buttons, snaps and/or collar stays. Thanks Wikipedia).

So, the next Tall Adventure in Sewing will be cutting the garment.  What did I pick?  Wouldn't you like to know. Stay tuned.  I for one can't wait to get my sew on.  It's going to be SEW fab (I started with one and thought I might as well end with one too:)!