High 5

I woke up this morning to chilly weather.  What!?! It's not time. But then I stopped. Thought for a second (which is always hard for me to do in the morning) and realized that really, it's not that far away. 

I immediately went into fanic mode (aka fashion, panic mode).  What if I already missed out on key items for the season? OK...so I overreacted (as I often do).  A lot of places haven't released their full fall lines yet however there are five inspirations that I'm diggin right now and will be picking up soon.

Wanna hear it, here it go...

1.  KEEP IT ON POINT.  The pointy heel is a must have this fall.  Personally, I have a ton of these in my closet already however I just might have to purchase one of these beauties (or all 3. It's a sickness).

From top to bottom. NINE WEST MARTINA at NineWest. $89. Up to size 12. AURORA CAP TOE PUMP at Payless. $54.99. Up to size 13. NINE WEST BLONSKY at PiperLime. $85. Up to size 12.

 2. PEP IT UP. If I didn't love shoes so much, the peplum would be my number one pick for fall.  So feminine, so flattering, so fun.  Whenever I wear a peplum I just want to frolic.  Not always appropriate, especially when in a business meeting, but sometimes you just have to frolic no matter what is going on.

From left to right (by the way NEVER wear two peplums together. Thank you for that). TALL PEPLUM JERSEY TOP at Long Tall Sally. $69. Sizes 6-18. TALL SCUBA PEPLUM SKIRT at TopShop. $68. Sizes 4-10.

3. RUFF EDGES. Ruffles and high collars will be everywhere this fall.  I love me a good ruffle.  I actually used to wear too many ruffles.  I was walking around looking like a decorated cake.  I'm happy to report that I have harnessed how to properly wear them and will do so this fall.

From left to right. ELEGANT RUFFLE BLOUSE at Long Elegant Legs. $79. Sizes S-XXL. FITTED BOYFRIEND CHAMBRAY RUFFLE SHIRT at Gap. $54.95. Sizes M-XL.

4.  LACE EM UP. I heart boots and I am so excited that boots with laces are on the radar for fall.  High, low, bootie or over the knee, no matter what type...get em with laces.

Top to bottom. KELSI DAGGER MATE BOOT at Barefoot Tess. $181. Sizes 11-14. TOMS DESERT BOOTIE at Nordstrom. $88.95. Sizes 5-12.

5. LEGGY AND LOUD. This season you will see all kinds of loud legs.  Pants in color and pattern will be worn everywhere.  Remember, with a loud pant you can make everything else simple. Don't be a victim of too many trends going on at once.

From left to right. HEATHER SKINNY JEAN IN MAGENTA at Height Goddess. $129. Sizes 26-33. Inseams 37" and 39". TALL MARISA DOT PRINT STRAIGHT LEG PANTS at LOFT. $69.50. Sizes 2-18. 34.5" inseam. TALL MODERN SKINNY COURUROYS IN FLORAL SCROLLS PRINT at LOFT. $69.50. Sizes 25-34 in a 34" inseam.