Tall Adventures in Sewing: part dos

So I love my sewing class.  I am actually shocked because it's WAY more tedious than I thought and takes patience.  I really don't have that (work in progress), so the fact that I am still enamoured with the action of sewing is a big deal for me (patting myself on the back).

I picked out a pattern and fabric, both of which I love.  What I didn't love was the $28 ticket the parking police gave me in front of the fabric store for not having a license plate on the front of my car. Needless to say the Berkeley parking department is on my list of people to throw eggs at.

THE PATTERN. I went easy, less than 6 pieces and threw in a little 'peplumesk' flare just because.THE FABRIC. I opted for polka dots. One of my timeless favs. S/O to the lady at the fabric store who told me polka dots were 'so out.' Even though I really don't remember a time in life when polka dots were out, you are a fashion genius (sarcastic.com). Next time keep your unsolicited comment to yourself. Please and thank you.Now, back to the task as hand. After selecting the pattern and the fabric, you cut out the appropriate pieces for the style you are going to make.  Highlight your size, iron the fabric and the pattern (make sure you lower the setting for the fabric pieces. Burnt pattern pieces are no bueno), pin it and cut the pieces out.

FIND THEM. Cut the pieces out that are appropriate to your piece. No, you don't have to guess. Your directions tell you which ones to cut out silly.

LAY IT OUT. This is also shown in the directions as well as by the little arrows on the pieces themselves. Word to the wise. Make sure you lay all of your pieces out before you pin them. That way you know if you have enough fabric.

PIN AND CUT. No explanation. Just do it:)Well, after class 2, that is where I'm at. Next class, SEWING!!! I can't wait to put it together. I forecast a little cursing and maybe sewing some things backwards.  Of course I will share the good, bad and the ugly (ugly is going a little far, but I would mess up the saying if I left it out).

Any tips before my next class?