Ok.  Listen carefully.  If you have not been to Barefoot Tess lately (or ever) you are doing a disservice to your shoe collection.  They have A - MAZ - ING shoes in sizes 9 to 15.  For example, the new Gwyneth Urbana wedge (pictured top left).  Are you kidding me?  Simply sick!  Honestly, you could wear these with anything.  No offense to your clothes but nobody will be noticing what you have on because they won’t be able to take their eyes off of your foot art.

I was feeling wedgy so I selected some of their wedge beauties but BFT has every shoe you could ever think of in extended sizes that won’t produce foot cleavage (if you don’t know what that is put on a shoe that it too small for you and you will get it).

3…2…1…click!  Your feet will thank you.

BAREFOOT TESS. Amazing shoes sizes 9 to 15. Selected styles left to right: Gwyneth 'Urbana' wedge (top left), 80%20 'Feather' Wedge (bottom left), BFT by BaefootTess 'Milan' Wedge (center), Ciao Bella 'Aruba' sandal (top right) and 80%20 'Flora' Bootie (bottom right).


GWYNETH 'URBANA' WEDGE at $169. Sizes 11-14. Comes in grey and brown.

80%20 'FEATHER' WEDGE at $159. Sizes 10-15. Comes in Maize Stirpe and Black.B.F.T. BY BAREFOOT TESS 'MILAN' WEDGE at $79. Sizes 11 to 15. Comes in Olive, blue and Tan.

CIAO BELLA 'ARUBA' SANDAL at $59. HURRY! Limited sizes available. Comes in camel and black.80%20 'FLORA' BOOTIE at $119. Sizes 10-15. Comes in khaki and black.