Razzle Dazzle

This doesn't really apply to you if you wear a shoe size 12 or over BUT I had to let everyone know about ShoeDazzle.  It's amazing and I am SO jealous that I can't use it (for shoes anyway).  ShoeDazzle is a style service for shoes (up to size 11), handbags and accessories. 

You pay 39.95 per month.  After you take a style profile, ShoeDazzle's stylists (One of them is Kim K! Oh, and did I mention she is a co-owner too!?!) pick styles that they think you will like.  You pick your favorite and they send it to you!  It's that simple.  Shipping is free both ways and if you want more then one style a month it's an additional $39.95 per style.  Don't want a style one month?  Simply click "skip this month" and you won't be charged. 

This is awesome!  You try finding a personal stylist for $39.95 per month. Congrats to all the 11 and under ladies...get your ShoeDazzle on!

SHOES UP TO SIZE 11, HANDBAGS AND ACCESSORIES at ShoeDazzle.com. $39.95 per item. Pick from shoes, bags and accessories that are selected for you by a stylist.