Just in Time

You have been seeing commercials for those shoes that help tone your butt and thighs but can't seem to find them in your size?  No worries.  TallSWAG is here to help.  Here are some options up to size 12.  Click the pics to get your thighs and booty in shape just in time for the summer.

EASYTONE REEINSPIRE at Reebok.com. EasyTone technology improves muscle tone in the hamstrings, calves and glutes up to 28%. Customize the Easytone Reeinspire up to a size 12. Prices start at $125.

STRIDE FITNESS ATHLETIC by Champion at Payless.com. Uses Air Traverse Toning Technology to encourage muscle toning. $29.99. Sizes 5.5 to 12. Shown in white/grey. Also comes in teal.

SKECHERS SHAPE-UPS METABOLIZE. $110. Tone your muscles, promote healthy weight loss and make it easy to get in shape. Sizes 5 to 12.