Uncuff Me

Looking for tall fashion at an actual store is not the easiest thing to do.  You go into the store, grab the "tall" item of clothing and walk to the dressing room only to be greeted by a short door that gives you no privacy.  Then to top it all off you find out that the "tall" clothing that you picked out is an imposter!  Your ankles or wrists are chilly, you look like you are waiting for a flood and your hopes for new tall fashion go from YAY! to what the???  But then there are times when u can't look through the sites and wait for your clothes to arrive in the mail sooooo what do you do?

3 simple words...LOOK FOR CUFFS.

Cuffs can make a regular cut of clothing extra long.  Most cuffs are finished on the inside so all you have to do is uncuff the cuff and BLAM you have instant tall clothing.  I have a pair of pants that still hit the ground when I wear 4 inch heels because I brought down the cuff. 

This may seem simple but hey...I wouldn't be your tall fashionista friend if I didn't share simple secrets:)

Check out these cuffed pieces:

(MINUS THE) SUEDE SHEARLING JACKET at Express.com. $103.60. Sizes X Small to Large.

CHRISTIN MICHAELS BARLEY CUFF PANT at 6pm.com. $48.95. Sizes 0-12.