Lashy Boho

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OK...so it's still rainy and cold in most places but in my mind it's already spummer.  No...that's not a typo.  It's spring and summer put together.  I want and crave both and it's easier to say them at the same time so...spummer is it.  Anyway, back to the reason while we are all here...fashion.  In the true essence of all that spummer11 is, I put together a tall BOHO inspired outfit that is laid back and flashy at the same time...yes...lashy:)  OK, enough with the portmanteau's (Portmanteau: A blend of 2 or more words).  Check out this under $125 fit and let me know what you think.

LASHY BOHO FOR SPUMMER11. From Left to right: Shirred Waist Tiered Skirt at Longtallsally.com ($79, sizes 6-18, 44" long from waist), Tall Ribbed Tank at Gap.com (middle top, $10, sizes S-XL), Shield Necklace at forever21.com (middle bottom, $7.80), Envy Bangle Set at Forever21.com (right top, $7.80) and Pennington Embellished Sandal at Payless.com (right bottom, $19.99, sizes 5-12).


 SHIRRED WAIST TIERED SKIRT at Longtallsally.com. $79. Sizes 6 to 18. Shown in petrol. Also comes in Khaki.

TALL RIBBED TANK at Gap.com. $10. Sizes S-XL. Shown in Optic White. Also comes in 9 additional colors.

SHIELD NECKLACE at Forever21.com. $7.80.ENVY BANGLE SET at Forever21.com. $7.80.

PENNINGTON EMBELLISHED SANDAL at Payless.com. $19.99. Sizes 5 to 12.