I Wish I Could Find Your Tall Shop

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The absolutely amazing Marsha Campbell of the fab blog Style of a London Tall Girl, is featured in Amazon Fashion Europe's I Wish I Could Wear That campaign. The campaign pairs three style icons with three women who are struggling with their style voices. I applaud the campaign and I love that they used Marsha to be the strong, tall figure in the piece. She is a fabulous woman, amazing blogger and I love her style!

BUT...where is your tall shop Amazon Fashion Europe? I see plus size but no tall shop. Like most retailers (including the overall Amazon Fashion whom also does not have a Tall section) out there, you do not have a category for us nor an ample selection of true tall styles. Do you have some tall options? Yes. However they are few and far between. They are mostly 34" inseam pants and I had to put TALL into the search to find those. I love that you want women to be able to wear what they love but can tall women do that with the selection on your site? 

Again, kudos to Amazon Fashion Europe for empowering women to break the societal style rules and rock what they want to but if you are going to disseminate the message, please carry the tall clothing that enables me to do that. Now that you know better, please do better.

So with that said...

Dear Amazon Fashion Europe and all retailers,

We deserve a realistic, stylish selection and category too.  

Signed, Tall Girls Everywhere

Steady on the Track

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Photo credit: Shannon Warf. Original post: Skirt Spotting.

Photo credit: Shannon Warf. Original post: Skirt Spotting.

Recently, I had a close friend tell me that a concern that some men may have when it comes to dating me is that I (as a virgin) would not be able to satisfy them.

That statement hurt me to my core. I cried. I cried a lot. It was a gut puncher. How could something that I think is so special, be a potential reason why I am still single? I have definitely felt that way many times but never had someone say it to me in such a direct manner. So many things went through my mind until it hit me…

If anyone should be concerned about being satisfied, it should be me.

You see, the misconception that virgins have no idea what they are doing is completely false. If anyone knows their bodies well and know what they like…it’s a virgin. We have had ample time to get acquainted with self and furthermore we have had a plethora of time to make a complete and thorough list of what we want to do. With all of that said, it is a gamble for ME to bank on 1 (one) person to be able to satisfy all of these wants and needs. How do I know that this person has what it takes to give me all of the wonders that I deserve and have been so patiently waiting for?

I don’t and that is a risk that I am willing to take. Saving my virginity for my husband is not just about sex. Do I want to have sex? Of course (and badly). My virginity is hard to keep. It is something that I battle to maintain on a daily basis. It has been tested a time or twenty but at the end of the day the goal is to keep this for him and only him. I guarantee, whomever he is, will deserve it and you better believe will not have a question about the amazing gift that I have worked so hard to protect and deliver.

My tears turned into a valuable lesson. While in no way do I think my friend intentionally meant harm, a statement like that from anyone shouldn't make you feel bad about your goal, rather it should validate that you were specifically picked to handle it. Not everyone can handle or recognize the value in an objective that you are pursuing and that is OK. Continue to pursue it anyway. It is your vision, not theirs. Listen to what people have to say but never let their misgivings about your plan deter you from attaining something that God put in your heart. He didn't place it in theirs, He placed it in yours so keep at it despite the naysayers. Often a person who is questioning your pursuit is doing it because they don't have the strength to begin one on their own.  

You are built to win. Stay steady on the track. Don't let mere words derail what God has already guaranteed.


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Alexia Maxi Dress (shown in size L) - The Height/Shoes (size 12) - Nine West/Bracelet and Clutch - H&M/Ring - Forever 21 Photo Credit: Nikki Notarte

Alexia Maxi Dress (shown in size L) - The Height/Shoes (size 12) - Nine West/Bracelet and Clutch - H&M/Ring - Forever 21

Photo Credit: Nikki Notarte

As promised...here is part deux of the amazing holiday dresses from THE HEIGHT. This one definitely takes it up a notch! 

The Alexia Maxi Dress is so fierce! I would classify this dress as 'sexy-classy.' it has appropriate mesh paneling and then a classic high neck that catapults it from a 'run-of-the-mill' black maxi to a glamorous dress that you can rock at your holiday soirees. You will definitely be the focal point of the party in the Alexa.

As you can see, the length is proper at 65 inches long and it's rayon-lycra blend hugs all the right curves. It is, like I said in the last post, a show stopper! I think that every tall women should have a dress like this in their closet not only for the holidays but really any blacktieish event that comes up. The 'In case of event emergency...break glass for spectacular dress,' dress.

BTW...you may see some stretch marks behind that mesh. You know how it goes. We grow. We stretch. We have marks. That's the real deal my friends. The sides of my upper thighs were like what in the world is going on lol. But it's all good. I will take these beauty marks any day to keep my Tall frame:-)

Anywho...if you decide to purchase this fab dress, don't forget to use the exclusive code for 20% off: TALLSWAG20. Happy Tall shopping beautiful:-)

Holiday Height

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Can you believe it's November 2nd!?! Well, it is and guess what that means...the holidays are right around the corner! It's time to get festive and I have partnered with THE HEIGHT to show you 2 amazing tall dresses for your holiday soirees.

Today's look is for the casual get-together, candle light service, tree decorating party and the list goes on and on. Obviously this tall sweater dress can worn throughout fall and winter months but the vibrant red, midi length and the actually long enough sleeves make this dress perfect for the holiday season. 

So red isn't your thing? Never fear. THE HEIGHT had the same exact dress in blue and olive at the same wonderful price point of $52.

I paired the sweater dress with these killer patent ankle boots from Long Tall Sally, some tights and a faux leather vest but you can wear it by itself with some flats, throw a blazer on with some basic black pumps or even throw on a long line vest with some lace-up boots...there are a plethora of ways to rock this tall dress.

So now that your casual holiday dress is taken care of, it's time for the fancy smancy fit. I have one on the way. Stay tuned to TallSWAG to see my pick. HINT: It's a show stopper!

I am the Soul That Lives Within

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Guess what I just got?

A weave.

No Alicia! Why? Your natural hair was so pretty…you don’t need a weave!

You are absolutely right. I don’t need a weave. I want one. Let me explain…

This summer I started my natural hair journey for many reasons. From wanting my niece to see my natural hair to feeling my scalp to embracing everything that God has given me including my natural curls…I did all of that! I really love my natural hair and think that it is one of the things that make me, me. Is it hard work. Yes. And so I had some box braids installed to give me a break. I loved those too. It was a chic look with absolutely no work sans some edge control. But, I can’t even lie, throughout the entire process I missed my weave. I love the look, the little maintenance and the fact that you can change your look without changing your actual hair.

So I got one.

I felt so much pressure to keep my natural hair but the fact is that at the end of the day it’s mine and I can do what I want to do with it. Am I perfectly fine with my natural hair? Yes and you will see me rock it again but why should I be married to it? Over the summer, I found like clothes, hair is another way for me to express my style voice. Because of my natural hair, I can virtually rock any style and that it is a God given blessing that I want to exhaust to the hilt. If I want to wear a neon blue Marge Simpson hairdo…so be it. It’s my choice and my privilege to do so.

I am going to do everything I can to protect my natural hair so when I rock it, it’s fabulous but I have the power and right to change it if I want to. In many ways I was finding my life consumed by my natural hair and that’s the thing…hair, or any aspect of yourself, natural or not, should consume you.  You are truly not your hair. You are YOU with, without it or with hair added to it.

Let’s celebrate this realization with a little India Arie shall we. Even if you have heard it a million times, really listen to the lyrics. It explains what I learned over the summer better than I ever could:

So there is it…I passed summer school with flying colors and can’t wait to learn my next lesson. In the meantime, watch me whip this hair back and forth until the next style.