On Target 

Xhilaration Bodycon Column Dress (Size M) - Target/Angelica Lace Up Booties (size 12) - Nine West/Clutch - Target/Ring - Collage Clothing Lounge/Earrings - Nicki Minaj for Kmart/

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

I'm always up for a good find, so when I found this dress at Target for $24.99 I swooped it up faster than you could say "Ooo that's cute!" It hit all of the marks: midi, bodycon (smoothes out the shape), simple cut and statement. The mixture of a perfect dress.

You can't wear a fierce dress without some fierce shoes and these Angelica Lace Up Booties fit the bill. They are one of my recent shoe finds and I basically live in them. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, shorts and the list goes on and on. They add a little spice to any outfit. You will definitely see them in a future post.

The frosting for a dress like this should be super simple. I particularly like these Nicki Minaj earrings. Now, I did not like her clothing line very much but she had some really cute jewelry pieces at really great prices that I rock quite frequently.

What I want you to notice about this outfit is that none of it is technically tall. There are options for us (granted few and far between) in stores right now. Don't be afraid to try things on. Will there be items that won't work? Absolutely. But you won't find the ones that do without sifting through all of it. A diamond in the rough is worth the exploration:)

What stores do you find your diamonds in?


Jump for my Love

Spoon Printed Jumper (XL - 37" inseam) - Alloy Apparel/3/4 sleeve blazer - Forever21/Necklaces and Bracelet - Forever 21/Cap-toe Pumps (Size 12) - Payless/Bag - Thrifted

Photo Credit: Shannon Warf

After my last tall jumpsuit post, I got an email asking me if I thought jumpsuits were appropriate for work.


Jumpsuits are one of the more versatile types of clothing because the same jumpsuit can be elegant, casual and work appropriate. It's all about the accompanying details. Add a little bling and a strappy shoe and you are ready for a night out with the girls. Put on some flat sandals and a headband and you have a boho chic look for a backyard BBQ. And by all means, add a blazer and pumps like I did for this look and you have a polished fit for a work presentation. Side note: Don't be afraid to try something new with a piece you have worn many times. You will be amazed at the new outfit you create.

This particular jumper from the Alloy Apparel Tall Shop is one of my favorite finds right now. It's super long (I am wearing 3.5" heels and it's STILL long enough), the fabric is soft and flows beautifully and the cut of the jumpsuit is very flattering for our beautiful tall frames. Not to mention it has an amazing print which is something that is going to be everywhere this spring and summer. And please ladies, NEVER believe that lie that a tall girl shouldn't wear print because we can, will and always rock it the best!

How do you rock a jumpsuit?


High Expectations

TALL Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans in Mid Stonewash - ASOS/Blazer Cut Blouse and belt - Vintage by the Pound/Joan & Daivd Quimberly Pump (size 12) - Nordstrom/Neck piece - Forever 21/Ring - Collage Clothing Lounge/Faux Pearl Clutch - Thrifted

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

One of my favorite things to do is try out new tall lines. I am always SO excited when the items are on their way and can't wait to put the clothes on and walk around in them. There have definitely been some other tall lines that I didn't like (which is why you have never seen them on TallSWAG) however the ASOS tall line keeps giving me so much life! As you have seen in the past couple of posts, I am wearing it and loving it.

The Tall Ridley High Waisted Ultra Skinny Jean is another ASOS tall piece that I adore. They have just the right amount of stretch and unlike some of the other "tall" high waisted jeans out there, don't sag in the nether regions. They are also super long. It has the inseam listed at 36" but I think the stretch in the jean makes them even longer. I normally wear a 37" to 40" inseam and there is no way that a 36" inseam would hit me where is does.

I just love them. Look at the way the fabric and cut of the jean shapes the leg! I mean, I have been working out but not this much hunni.

Another thing I love about the ASOS tall line is the philosophy behind it: Focusing on brilliant fits, ASOS Tall adapts key pieces from the mainline collection to flatter the taller frame. More than just extra inches added to them, we exclusively fit all of our pieces with longer limbs in mind.

I am pretty sure we all just clapped and hollered at the same time.

Lastly, the price points are lovely (for example, these jeans are only $56.44) and there is free delivery worldwide. Pow!

So, I say all of that to say this; the ASOS Tall line is officially TallSWAG approved. Take that for what you will but from one tall girl to another...try it!



ASOS Tall Midi Skater Dress in Mono Floral - ASOS/Skyler Mini Crossbody - Alloy Apparel/Faux Leather Vest - Forever 21/Midi boots - Elevenup Shoes (size 12)/Bracelet - Charlotte Russe

Photo Credit: Shannon Warf

Right now we are smack in the middle of that time where your closet is very confused. It's teetering on spring frocks but still has some items left over from winter because quite frankly Mother Nature can't make up her darn mind. Yep. Your closet is having a plethora of issues right now.

What to do? Wear everything of course. Mix in your boots with your spring dresses (hence above), your sweaters with your shorts and your leather with EVERYTHING. Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks.

What stuck for me here was this pretty tall floral dress from ASOS. It's fun to wear. In fact, I feel like twirling down the street every time I wear it (and have). I paired it with some edgy midi boots, a biker vest and this crossbody bag from Alloy that I pretty much wear with everything. My answer to the tweener season.

What will you take from winter to spring?


The Sir Factor

Picture courtesy of Xiola Puckett.Let me get my Sophia Petrillo on for a minute…

Picture it. You just curled your hair and highlighted your natural beauty with some eye liner, mascara and a little bronzer. You put on a cute, tall dress that you just picked up, some wedge sandals that you have been wanting to wear for a while and scooped up a little clutch with just the right pop of color. Fresh to death, like a million bucks.

You decide to stop and get coffee on your way to the day party you are going to and the barista looks out the corner of their eye and says; how can I help you sir?

Hold up. Wait. Whoa there.

Sir? I know they didn’t.

But the truth is they did and it happens often. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. It’s amazing how many close minded people stereotype a tall woman as a sir just because they see a tall being out of the corner of their eye and assume that it MUST be a man. I mean there is no way that a woman could be that tall right? Take several seats.

Now, usually I am pretty cool when it comes to comments about our height but this one is not something that I tolerate. I do not advocate violence (rule #allthetime: a lady must never demean herself enough to put her hands on someone unless in cases that she is defending her fabulous self) but I do advocate putting someone in their place and schooling them on their ignorant mistake. In short, if you call me sir expect to get fire back.

What I want you to take away from this is, don’t take the dumb stuff personal. You are NOT a sir, you know you are not a sir and God knows you are not a sir. Leave the ignorance right then and there and keep moving forward. The only person that can use a comment like that to hurt you, is you.

Take that sir and shove it. The end.