I would write a long piece to accompany this but I want you to watch it. Press play! Tell me what you think:)

PS. Thank you Sana and the entire Sana G Morning Show for always supporting me and my story. I appreciate it more than you ever know! Check out all of the SANACAST episodes right HERE. 

Jump For my Love


The word alone sends a tall girl into a sweat. Say the word jump and a literal tear forms in our eyes. From few and far between to cut completely wrong, it's hard for us to find one and to find one that we like is a miracle. 

Well lookie here...I think she found one!

Photo Jun 06, 9 13 04 PM.jpg

This bad mamma jamma is from the current CURATD X Long Tall Sally collection and it does not disappoint.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I love comfort in my clothing and this jumpsuit definitely fits the bill. It's completely chic but feels like you are walking around in PJ's all day. That's a win in my book. 

I chose some sneaks from LTS as well. I love the blush color. They go with anything and in this case really set the look off. If you don't want to stay sporty, add your favorite wedges and pair of statement earrings. Boom! A whole new look.

This is just one of those pieces that is ready to go. You literally put it on and you are ready for the day. It's a great piece from a great collection. Check out this jumpsuit and the rest of the collection HERE.

Have a fabulous day gorgeous! Keep that energy around you high. Don't let anyone else's bad day bring you down, Remember, you are the gatekeeper. Keep your space beautiful just like you:)

No Limit

The minute I saw the whole denim meets fishnet situation...I had to have it. I love the way they crash together but of course my search for tall fishnets wasn't very fruitful. I mean, it's hard enough to find the tall denim part, let alone fishnets that are long enough for these long legs hunni! Guess who came to my rescue?,,,


ASOS baby! I can't say enough about their tall line. I squeal every time I visit the page because there is always something new that is just what this tall girl ordered. My version of hitting the lotto would be one of everything in ASOS tall for life. Publishers Clearing House taint got nothing on that. Ok, ok. I would take the money too but I know you feel me.

Their fishnet leggings are just the right length and fit underneath denim beautifully. These beautiful jeans are from ASOS too. As you can see, they are long and have crazy good details like the hi-low hem. I wear these with everything. 

Oh...hey hair. How you doin?

And let us not forget to talk about this cropped jacket from Long Tall Sally. It is sublime. It's cropped in the right spot, the arms are long enough and it's super lightweight. This amazing little denim jacket is spot on for spring days and summer nights. It's part of the new CURATD X LTS line, which is equally as beautiful as this jacket.  

I'm super happy that I found both the fishnet and cropped look in tall but don't you ever think that a style isn't for you because you can't find it. If it isn't out there...get to designing! If you can't sew, find someone who can and create your vision together.

Do not...I not, let the limitations of the industry stop you from living your style life. Style is an expression of your unique creation...dress accordingly!