Ruffle some Feathers

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I love love love ruffles.  Ruffles give you a boost of sexy confidence but are straight professional when worn the right way.  I have my share of ruffles in my closet.  If you don't, check out these tall options below.  Side note: Ruffles are also amazing chips.  I know we are gettin right for the summer but partake in a little cheddar and sour cream if you get a chance.  Work it off in your next workout.  Trust me.  It's worth it:)

RUFFLE TIME. Featured styles from left to right: Cambray Tie Neck Blouse (Gap.com, $59.95), Mini Herringbone Skirt (Longtallsally.com, $65) and Tall Short-Sleeve Ruffle Wrap Dress (Bananarepublic.com, $98).

CHAMBRAY TIE NECK BLOUSE at Gap.com. $59.95. Sizes tall S-XL.

MINI HERRINGBONE SKIRT at Longtallsally.com. $65. Sizes 8 to 18.

TALL SHORT-SLEEVE RUFFLE WRAP DRESS at Bananarepublic.com. $125. Sizes M and XL. Online exclusive color.