Something New

Lately people have been calling me a professional bridesmaid.  I have been in 3 weddings in the past 5 months.  I am so thankful that 3 of my friends found their other halves and that they wanted to included lil ol me in their weddings, however, being blessed with height can make it a little difficult to fit into  a commercial bridesmaids dress.  Fortunately my friends consulted with me before they assigned dresses to the wedding party to see if there was a place that had tall bridesmaids dresses.  At the time I am ashamed to say that I had no idea.  Now I do and want to share it with you. 

Basically there are certain designers that can add extra length to their dresses (check out the new Bridal link to the right.  I will be adding new designers as I find them).  My suggestion would be to go to a bridal store and ask which designers can add extra length.  Then you can try on the dress that you want in the store to fit the top half of your body and order it with extra length to fit the bottom half of your body. 

I ordered a long Bill Levkoff dress and got double the extra length for an additional $20 and it fit perfect! I also ordered an Alfred Angelo dress that was supposed to be cocktail length however it was barely covering my front.  They added 3 extra inches for $25 and voila! peek-a-boo show at my friends wedding!

Check out these examples (the dresses I bought) and find your own with the new Bridal page to the right:

BILL LEVKOFF at This designer will add inches to his bridesmaids and formal dresses.

ALFRED ANGELO at This designer will add inches to many of his dresses.