Take a Picture

No doubt, tall is a beautiful thing. But we all know that sometimes people don't know how to react to it. They see you and can't believe their eyes so they stare uncontrollably like if they stare at you long enough you will shrink down to a more "believable" size.

The madness has to stop!

A quick peek...I can handle...but a rude, blatant, one sided staring contest has to go! I usually ignore it but sometimes you just can't. The worst is at the grocery store. Even aisles can't get in the way of someone going hard on the staring. At many points it actually turns into stalking! If I see you staring at me in more then 2 isles at the store you are now officially a 'peeping tom.'

Just stop. We know the height is amazing but have some manners and keep your staring ways locked down.

Ps. We can't blame the little ones but if your kids are staring in amazement please use it as a teaching moment and don't reinforce the bad behavior by also standing there and doing it. I can't blame a child because they don't understand everything yet. However I can blame you because you should know its rude and should politely correct it.

Please post this so people will understand. The STARE NO MORE movement begins...NOW!

Courtesy of iCLIPART