Happy Mother's Birthday Day

No.  You didn't read wrong.  It's Mother's Birthday Day.  While it's my Mom's day (actually everyday is my Mom's day:) it's also my Dad's birthday. Crazy right!?!  And although my Dad declares his birthday a holiday every year (as it should be) he has stepped aside (rightfully so) and given the day to my Mom.  However, I decided to put fashion aside for the day and celebrate both. 

Mom and Dad - I am honored and blessed to have a Mom and Dad like you.  Where would I be without you?  I shutter at the thought (seriously, I just shuttered hard).  You are amazing in every way.  You gave me my tall, my swag and everything in between.  I could never repay you but will spend my life trying to.

Enjoy your day Mom (as well as the 364 other of your days:).  Dad, happy 25th birthday (you don’t look a day over 21:). I love you with all my heart (and all the way back to the elbows:)

FAMILY LOVE (from left to right): TOP – Mom, my Little Brother and me at the beach (it was super windy, fun and a day I will never forget), us at my college graduation and my Dad and I at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama (it was amazing to experience history with my Dad). MIDDLE – One of my favorite childhood pics with my Dad (a little scratchy but makes me cheese from ear to ear), A great pic with my Mom when I was little (she is so diva with her red nails and flower in her hair), family pic of my Mom, Dad, Little Brother, Niece and I (I can’t stand this pic of me but it was too cute of my family so I took one for the team) and My Dad and my Big Brother (rest in peace Big Brother…we miss u). BOTTOM – My Mom and I at our Baptism (we got baptized last summer…it was long overdue and I was overjoyed to be able to do it with my Mom), another great pic from back in the day with my Mama, my Dad and I at an NFL game (sooooo much fun) and a picture of my Mom, my Dad, my Big Brother and me right after I was born (smiles:).


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