clean zip coat


Tall Clean Zip Coat - NEXT / Trendsetter Leggings (36" inseam) - LEL /Dome Satchel - The Limited/Booties (size 12) - Payless

Tall Clean Zip Coat - NEXT/Trendsetter Leggings (36" inseam) - LEL/Dome Satchel - The Limited/Booties (size 12) - Payless

You know that saying, It's all in the really is.

Take the Tall Clean Zip Coat from Next. It has a very classic cut but the colorblocking, high collar and buckle detail make it stand out in amazing ways. It's no longer a coat, it's a statement.

I paired it with what seems to be your typical leggings until you get to the knee. The trendsetter legging from LEL has a faux suede detail that brings them to a whole new level.

Lastly the booties (size 12) have patentblocking (I totally just made that up) and a button detail that give them a vintagey feel. 

Moral of the story...look for small things that represent your style and set your look apart from the rest. Details are the frosting on the cupcake my tall friends:)