I Wish I Could Wear

I Wish I Could Find Your Tall Shop

The absolutely amazing Marsha Campbell of the fab blog Style of a London Tall Girl, is featured in Amazon Fashion Europe's I Wish I Could Wear That campaign. The campaign pairs three style icons with three women who are struggling with their style voices. I applaud the campaign and I love that they used Marsha to be the strong, tall figure in the piece. She is a fabulous woman, amazing blogger and I love her style!

BUT...where is your tall shop Amazon Fashion Europe? I see plus size but no tall shop. Like most retailers (including the overall Amazon Fashion whom also does not have a Tall section) out there, you do not have a category for us nor an ample selection of true tall styles. Do you have some tall options? Yes. However they are few and far between. They are mostly 34" inseam pants and I had to put TALL into the search to find those. I love that you want women to be able to wear what they love but can tall women do that with the selection on your site? 

Again, kudos to Amazon Fashion Europe for empowering women to break the societal style rules and rock what they want to but if you are going to disseminate the message, please carry the tall clothing that enables me to do that. Now that you know better, please do better.

So with that said...

Dear Amazon Fashion Europe and all retailers,

We deserve a realistic, stylish selection and category too.  

Signed, Tall Girls Everywhere