Today we are going to talk about tall retirement!


Actually, I was searching for tall maxi dresses and while they may work for some tall beauties out there, the majority of them were below 60". Now, I don't know about you but anything under 60" won't brush my ankles so I thought Self: you need to post your favorite tall retailers that carry maxi dresses above 60". So I listened to me and here are my top 5...in no particular order...

Long Tall Sally

Like the Fern Print Maxi Dress above, they have many styles of maxi dresses above 60". I really like the quality of their dresses and their customer service is great. The prices are moderate to expensive but they have some great sales so be sure to look out for those. You need shoes to go with that maxi? Shop at LTS for those too! They now carry Barefoot Tess and other brands of footwear in sizes up to 15. 

Alloy Apparel

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an Alloy Apparel freak. I stalk the site. They might have a restraining order against me. But anywho, they have some very affordable maxi dresses up to 63". While you are looking at their dresses, check out their entire tall shop with all types of clothing options (including fab jumpers) and shoes up to size 11 (a little birdie told me this might be getting higher too...stay tuned). Pictured: Sarah Racerback Maxi in Black/White Tribal.


As you may have gathered from the name, Talltique is an online boutique of curated, tall women's fashion. In the collection of tall, they have some super long maxi dresses that can be worn in 4 ways, with an unfinished hem for custom tailoring. The price is expensive but it's a great investment as it's customizable and provides a bevy of different looks. While you are there, check out their tall jean options. Trust me, like the maxi dresses, the length does not disappoint!  Pictured: Brown Tribal Multi-Way Maxi Dress by MJVO Couture.

Height Goddess

By far Height Goddess has the longest maxi dresses around. I mean, I am 6'6" and know that I shed a style tear (technically called stylemotional) the first time I put one on. It not only hit the floor, it swept it. That is worth a good, joyful cry if you ask me. The owner Lameka Weeks makes all of her clothes especially for tall women and creates her maxi dresses in different inseams (#genius) from 62" to 71". Love this post but aren't really looking for a maxi? Check out all of the HG collection HERE. Pictured: Zoie Leather Maxi Dress *The back is stunning too.


Va va voom! I mean sexy isn't even the word. When you step out in a tall asos maxi you better be ready to catch some people because they WILL pass out. Granted they do have mutliple styles but the majority of them are HOT HOT HOT and go up to 62". As you know, I absolutely adore the asos tall line and highly suggest that you check out all of their tall clothes if the style of these maxi's aren't really your vibe. Pictured: Tall Deep Plunge Maxi with Front Split and Tall Deep Plunge Maxi with Split.

And the honorable mention goes too...


I would have put this in the 5 but I didn't because 1) I have never ordered anything from them and 2) There is no length because the maxi dresses (and all of their garments) are made to order. Why are you recommending them if you have never tried out their clothes? Good question. Simply because I really like MiMi and Adrienne's creations, have seen some great reviews, am an avid viewer of MiMi's blog, the garments are flying off of the shelves and at the end of the day I feel like it's a great option for a custom, length made just for you, maxi dress. I would really love to work with Stiched9 and hope to have an actual garment for review soon (shameless ask:)! Pictured: Floral Front Slit Maxi

So, who would you add to the 60+ list? Let your tall sisters know:)