The Sir Factor

Picture courtesy of Xiola Puckett.Let me get my Sophia Petrillo on for a minute…

Picture it. You just curled your hair and highlighted your natural beauty with some eye liner, mascara and a little bronzer. You put on a cute, tall dress that you just picked up, some wedge sandals that you have been wanting to wear for a while and scooped up a little clutch with just the right pop of color. Fresh to death, like a million bucks.

You decide to stop and get coffee on your way to the day party you are going to and the barista looks out the corner of their eye and says; how can I help you sir?

Hold up. Wait. Whoa there.

Sir? I know they didn’t.

But the truth is they did and it happens often. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. It’s amazing how many close minded people stereotype a tall woman as a sir just because they see a tall being out of the corner of their eye and assume that it MUST be a man. I mean there is no way that a woman could be that tall right? Take several seats.

Now, usually I am pretty cool when it comes to comments about our height but this one is not something that I tolerate. I do not advocate violence (rule #allthetime: a lady must never demean herself enough to put her hands on someone unless in cases that she is defending her fabulous self) but I do advocate putting someone in their place and schooling them on their ignorant mistake. In short, if you call me sir expect to get fire back.

What I want you to take away from this is, don’t take the dumb stuff personal. You are NOT a sir, you know you are not a sir and God knows you are not a sir. Leave the ignorance right then and there and keep moving forward. The only person that can use a comment like that to hurt you, is you.

Take that sir and shove it. The end.