Baby Blue

Tall Jumpsuit with Cami Straps - ASOS (US Size 10) *Free Worldwide Delivery/Vince Camuto Hallee Pump - Nordstrom (size 12)/Squared Bracelet - Candid Art/Neck Piece - Charlotte Russe/Clutch - H&M/(I am 6'6")

Photo credit: Shannon Warf

I discovered something SO FREAKIN amazing! As a matter of fact when I found it, I gasped, put my hand over my mouth and starting tearing up. You have probably seen me posting about it on Facebook and Twitter. That's right ladies, I am talking about the new tall line from ASOS!

I have been a huge fan of ASOS for years now. Their clothes are unique, constructed beautifully, feel amazing on and are just plain fabulous. So when I saw that they actually have a line made specifically for us, I welled up with style tears.

Take the Tall Jumpsuit with Cami Straps...OMGOSH! I freaked out when I saw it and then when I put it on, I had a moment. It fits perfectly. The straps are long enough, you don't get a murph because the body length is cut right and my ankles are covered...what!?! A complete tall, jumpsuit trifecta. Bliss. And would you look at the cut of that neck line? It's not average. Completely extraordinary just like us.

I have auditioned many more of the ASOS tall pieces and can't wait to show them to you. I have to admit, I am kind of an ASOS tall stalker.  I check the site every day and they literally add something new EVERY DAY. Thus, I have been stylemotional a lot lately (yes, I just made this word up but will be using it regularily).

Make sure you check out the amazing ASOS tall options and check back in with me for more reviews of the FAB ASOS tall line