Our New Friend Poppy Barley

The Everyday City Boot - Poppy Barley/Plaid Blazer - Savers/Skinny Jeans - Alloy (37" inseam)/New Tailored Chambray Top - Gap Tall/Necklace and Ring - Forever 21/Clutch - Thrifted/Belt - Vintage by the Pound

Photo Credit: Clara Rice

Listen Loves. When you come across something that is custom, chic and custom (yes, I said it twice because it's worthy of a second mention) you MUST share it with any tall girl that can listen. So girl, let me tell you about my new friend Poppy Barley...

Poppy Barley is an amazing company that makes custom boots and flats up to size 13. Now I know some of you reading this just stopped because you wear above a 13 BUT DON'T because they want to hear from you. Click here to let them know how important it is to extend their sizes above 13. Seriously, LET THEM KNOW. This company is definitely one that will change for the better.  It will literally take a minute to share your shoe voice.

The process is super easy. Design your boot and/or flat, measure, type in your measurements and order. They will even send you a free measuring tape.  Booyah!

I absolutely LOVE the boots that I ordered.  They are comfortable and fit me like a glove (in my Ace Ventura voice). I mean the shaft of the boot actually hits where it's supposed to!  When was the last time that happened? Um...like NEVER.  When I tell you these boots are custom, I mean every single nook and cranny of the boot is made for you.  From the calf, to the style to the size...it's all about you baby!

So, you say you are scared to order because what if they don't fit and then you wasted your investment? Pish posh. PB has your back. You have 30 days to return them for a full refund and/or remake. So get your wusaw on and order something amazing for yourself.

Speaking of ordering, Poppy Barley has given TallSWAG readers an exclusive coupon code for $25 off your order.  Just enter promo-tallswag-2014 in at checkout

My next order will be a pair of their fabulous flats.  Now, we all know that I am not usually a flat girl but when they are this chic and can be made just the way I want them, I am willing to break my rule.

If you want to see more Poppy Barley custom creations check out their 2014 Lookbook. If you have any questions, check out these FAQ's and if that doesn't answer them, shoot me an email or pose the question in the comment section of this post and I will ask the company directly.

One last thing...between you and me and the Poppy Barley instagram...they are coming out with a heeled boot. Glory be...I'm too excited to sleep!!! Definitely stay tuned for that.

Aren't you excited about our new friend? Let's all be friends. Share Poppy Barley with all of your compadres and soon we will all be wearing foot candy that fits us perfectly...what a wonderful world this will be:)