Mercer Mercer Me

The Mercer Pant (37" inseam) - Alloy/Long sleeve crew neck tee - Height Goddess/Fur Vest and bracelet - Forever 21/Platinum pumps (size 11) and oversized clutch - Target/Sunglasses - Payless

Photo credit: Clara Rice Photography

The day that I found Alloy I felt like I had hit the tall style lottery.  I was shocked at the price points and the plethora of choices for us lovely, long-legged ladies.  I mean, when was the last time you found an on-trend pair of pants, in your inseam for under $50.  I know, here's a tissue.

I pretty much buy something every week (sorry bank account) and one of my more recent finds was the Mercer Pant.  I love it's versatility and will you look at that length!  In this particular outfit, I felt like a chic pajama goddess.  All the pow without the "ow" of anything binding.

If you haven't been to the Alloy Tall NOW.  It will seriously be a style changing moment.

What are your favorite finds from Alloy?