The Newbies

The new line of T SWAG arrived this morning.  Neon yellow, pink, mint and royal...oh my!  The colors are flying off the shelves and everyone is lovin the Stand Tall shirt.

The Stand Tall shirt is very important to me.  I will be posting why, soon:)

I am really excited about the TallSWAG signature bag.  For a limited time you can get the bag for free with a $25 purchase (purchase price before taxes and shipping).

I am extremely grateful for your support of the line.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  I can't wait to see everyone rockin their Tall is Beautiful shirts in color and showing the world how to Stand Tall all day, every day!

NEW T SWAG! Click to pick up your shirt(s) now:) Thank you so much for your support!