Bloggin Like It's 1999

I'm a blogger who loves to read blogs.  We are so amazing and share so many things with each other. I can't NOT read them.  I take 'blog breaks' during the day.  It inspires me, recharges my battery and in the least gives me a good belly laugh when I need one.

Below are some of the blogs that I love and why I L-O-V-E them.  Please.  If your blog isn't on the list, don't be mad, sad or otherwise.  It doesn't mean I don't wuv you.

What blog would you invite to the party?  Please share so we can all be there:)

HOOPS MEETS HEELS. Mrs. Shyra Ely-Gash shares her amazing style and grace in this fierce blog. WNBA player, stylist extraordinaire. Side note: I have never seen anyone make post surgery bandanges look so haute. Werk.

LONG.LEGGY.LOVIN IT! Doesn't the name say it all? BAM shares a slice of her tall, fabulous life with us.

HG BLOG. Anyone who knows me, knows that one of the tall shops I love is Height Goddess. When you love something, you check on it often and the blog is a great way to do so.

ALL THE TALL THINGS. According to Laura's about page; 'This is a place to share new clothing finds that make the most of your dazzling height and huge but fashion-worthy feet." Enough said.

PRETTY TALL STYLE. Tanasha gives us a little bit of everything tall. I love her effortless style and eye for color.

ELEVATED STYLE. One of my new finds. Kathy has great personal style posts and I'm a fan of her monthly obsessions.


GABI FRESH. she may not be very tall but her SWAG is extremely tall. I, like hundreds of thousands of people love Ms. Gabi's confidence, style and life obsessions.

TALL SNOB. Krista (who is really NOT a snob) gives a well rounded view of tall clothing for every tall woman.

URBAN VINTAGE. I have found a new love for vintage clothing. When I met Ferriss and checked out her blog, I was hooked! Her motto says it all 'It's about having style, not being in style."

TALLOOK. Nache gives 'an inside scoop into fashion, products and news that effect the tall community.'

MOTOR CITY MOXIE. Yes. She talks about fashion BUT her blog is really about everything amazing in life. She is a woman 'emerging into the woman she has always wanted to be' and letting us come along for the ride.