Size Matters...?

It never fails. You see a fine, tall man coming towards you. Score! You fix your hair and put on that “hey, how ya doin?” smile only to look down and see that he is holding the hand of a person half his size that you couldn’t even see because his tall shadow eclipsed her. Recognizing he’s off limits you walk by singing “another one bites the dust” in your head.

Now, I am not knocking love. I would never hate on someone in a relationship. I just don’t get how it works.  How do you have a passionate kiss without sitting down?  How do you dance without having to have back surgery afterwards?  Isn’t it annoying face planting into someone’s belly button every time you hug them?  How do you hold hands without one person having to keep their arm bent the whole time? And let’s be real, we all know that the saying “we are all the same size laying down” is not true sooooo…well you know what I’m getting at.

This is a question that I have had for many years.  I myself have dated someone shorter then me but only by 3 inches.  Let’s make it clear.  I am not saying I would never date someone significantly shorter then me but to date it has never happened.  I really just don’t get the technicalities of the whole thing.

So, I say all of that to say this…somebody tell me how this works! Please and thank you.

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