All I want to know is, when did I become a breeder?  I have no kids and although I want some in the future, at the current moment they are not in the plan.  However, men keep asking me to have “babies” with them because they want my tall genes.  I know you are laughing, but I’m serious.

This is the usual approach (if you want to call it that): “hey girl, we need to make some babies together so my son can be Jordan.” No hi, my name is, can I get your number, nothing.  Just straight to the baby making.

I usually give them a yea-HEEECK NO! and walk away but this last time (yesterday to be exact) I stopped and said “you don’t even know who I am why would you want to have babies with me?” and this ignorant dude goes, “because I need a retirement plan and your kids are going to make that money playing some kind of ball.”   

The statement was SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS that I could not even dignify it with a response.  Think of the odds.  What are the chances that 1) I will have a tall BOY (and why couldn't a tall girl be a star?) 2) That he will want to play sports (people have free will) and 3) That he would be good at it because my genes are cool but anyone who would ask a question like that HAS to have moronic genes and what if they dominated? All bad.

But look.  While this is an annoyance, it’s not something I should waste my time with anyways because this would NEVER, neva, neva, eva happen.  I am going to have beautiful babies with my intelligent husband (whoever he may be).  And they will have the choice to do WHATEVER they want in life and be super happy.

Morons like this one and every other man who has wanted a tall woman to ‘breed’ with them, need not apply!

I AM NOT A HORSE! Just because I am tall does NOT mean that I share my genes with others. And while we are on the subject, calling a woman a stallion is NOT a compliment. Take in the information and adjust. Thank you. (photo courtesy of Karenwhimsy.com)