Closet Diving: New Fits on a Dime

We are in the in-between stage where it’s not hot enough for summer clothes but fall clothes are out of the question.  It makes me want to go and buy a whole new wardrobe but alas, my bank account does not agree with me.  I tried talking to it but it rolled its eyes at me and walked away.  Damn you bank account!

So what’s a girl to do? Well, walking around naked is just not an option (believe me, I thought about it), so I brainstormed some ways to look fresh without your money going bad.

1) Look harder.  The best ‘new’ outfits are in your closet.  Stop telling yourself you don’t have any clothes when your closet is so full that you can’t shut the door.  Re-organize, identify and create.  There is a new outfit waiting for you in your own backyard. Find it. Check out: Your closet.

2) Shop vintage. Vintage clothing is a great way to update your look on a dime.  Amazing one of a kind pieces that make you stand out without making your money stand down.  Check out: Urban Vintage and Nelda's Vintage Clothing.

3) Accessorize like a mad woman.  Accessories can change an entire outfit from blah to boom pow with little investment. Check out: Forever21, Stella & Dot and Candid Art.

4) Sell and Buy.  There are plenty of used clothing shops that will purchase your clothes from you.  You can either buy new clothing or get a credit from the shop and buy gems that other people sold.  Check out: and Crossroads Trading Co.

5) Flash sales. These are exclusive, online sales that a lot of stores are offering to people who sign-up for newsletters or online offers.  The sales usually last a couple of hours but if you can catch them, the savings can be GREAT.  Check out: Banana Republic and Nine West.

6) Sign-Up.  There are a plethora (love that word) of sites that find designer sales and bring them to you all at once.  Personal sales shoppers.  All you have to do is sign-up and savings are on their way.  Check out: Shop It To Me and ideeli.

7) Borrow.  Look.  If you have a roommate, sister, friend etc. that is the same size as you, put your clothes together and watch your outfits multiply. Just make sure you wash them thangs before you return them.  Dirty returns are not OK. Check out: a friendly closet.

Well, there you have it.  Now go, be fashionable and money conscious.  They both make you look sexy and smart.

You have an idea that I didn’t think of?  Please share.  Good day fashionistas:)

Get in those closets and find a new outfit! Trust me. It's there. You can do it! (Image courtesy of