What's your funny tall line?

I went to a friend's party last night and was having a fabulous time until one of her guests decided that he wanted to "climb me."  Yes, you heard it correctly.  This man came up to me and said "Girl, you look so good.  I just want to climb you!" Ummm first of all, absolutely not. Second, last time I checked I wasn't a tree or a mountain.  I guess because I am 6'6" he felt that it gave him permission to use one of the worst lines ever created.  The saddest part about it, is that was not the first time I heard that sorry line!  It definitely didn't ruin the night. In fact, before I walked away from the man I laughed at him for awhile so I guess it provided some comedy lol.

This tackiness got me thinking.  I've heard some great "tall lines" and I'm sure you have too.  What's the worst, craziest or funniest "tall line" that anyone has ever said to you?