Say What?

OK.  So generally I have no problem answering the question "Do you play basketball." I feel like it's just something that comes with being tall so more often then not I answer it with a smile.  That was not the case today. 

This man was extremely rude.  He said "Do you play basketball because if you don't it's such a waste."  Whoa.  Pump your brakes dude.  Tall people do not have to play basketball.  We are people just like everyone else with many choices and abilities.  Does height help with basketball? Yes.  Do you have to play basketball if you have it? No. 

I thought about telling him all of this and more but why waste my time on a guy who thinks that I am a waste?  So I just said "Do you play miniature golf because if you don't it's such a waste" and kept it moving. 

Feel free to use this...because some people just don't get it.