Discover Her Journey

If you don't know, the Taylor Jay Collection is an amazing line with pieces that not only look great together but can be paired with other pieces to create looks that empower anyone's style. They are comfortable, chic and perfect for a woman on the go. 

Behind the line is Taylor. She is a mom, relentless entrepreneur and someone that I am honored to call my friend. She is passionate about what she does and created the #DiscoverHerJourney campaign to expand her scope of sizes to cater to plus as well as special collections that cater to all women in special ways.

I have always been amazed that her pieces are long enough for me. I have been rocking her collections for years and always look forward to her new, thoughtful styles. She really makes things that not only make sense but also make you feel stylish and carefree when you wear them.

Support a brand that supports you. #DiscoverHerJourney.

Support a brand that supports you. #DiscoverHerJourney.

As a Tall, African American woman who is very underserved in the media and fashion industries, I am so thankful for designers like Taylor who cater to all women and are making strides to include everyone.

It is incredibly important that we support each other and brands that believe in US, so please support #DiscoverHerJourney in any way that you can. From sharing the campaign, to donation, there is no such thing as a small contribution. Every supportive move is a move towards an industry that represents all of us!

Thanks in advance. We all thank you! #DiscoverHerJourney

Change the Tall Game

In my last post I talked about making options that aren't necessarily made for us, work for us.  It's a great option but nothing beats walking in to a store and coming out with a garment that is made specifically for you.


When was the last time that happened for you?

Maybe once...maybe never?

Now there is a chance to change all of that! Height Goddess has an amazing opportunity to be carried in a major retailer across the nation and they need your help to make it happen.

Check out the video below and click HERE to support. 

Think about how this will change your shopping experience and the shopping experience of your tall daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend and tall women everywhere!

Custom Change

In order to make a change in this world you must act and support others who do.  That's one of the reasons why I am in love with Kickstarter.  In a nutshell, it's a platform for people to share their creative projects and gain support from backers around the world. 

I often support projects on the site but when I came across Black Box Denim's campaign, I immediately pledged.


Because Black Box Denim wants EVERYBODY to have jeans that fit.  Their mission is for every woman to have a detailed, beautiful, great fitting pair of jeans that are made just for them.  What a breath taking sentence.

Check out their video for the BBD mission:

Their goal is $25,000 and they have 27 days to raise the funds.  The minimum pledge is a $1 and there are other pledge amounts that get you a custom pair of Black Box Denim jeans or one of their amazing accessories.

CLICK TO SEE ALL OF THE WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT BLACK BOX DENIM.If we want the industry to make clothes for all of us, we must support retailers like Black Box Denim.  Change will not occur until we show them that we want it. 

If you can't pledge, no worries, you can support them immensely by sharing this post which is momentarily free yet unbelievably valuable:)

Thank you for your time and support.  Have a fabulous day beautiful!