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CONTEST: Shop with H&M and TallSWAG

Are there a lot of options for us off the rack? No. It's greatly increased but the fact is that there is still a small window of opportunity for us to walk into a store and walk out with a fit.  However we all have that favorite line that allows us some options that we can directly buy from the store.

One of the main lines for me is H&M.  Almost every time I walk into the store, I find something that is not necessarily tall BUT fits fabulously.  From the skirts, to the dresses to the tops, not all of the garments fit but there are many options that do. In fact, if you thumb through my closet and accessories right now, you will find a plethora of H&M pieces for every season.

If you haven't seen the autumn have to check it out!  I am lightweight in love.

The H&M Autumn Line is in store right now. Don't be afraid to walk in the store and try on some pieces. I think you will be surprised at what amazing fashion you will find!Specifically, here are some fabulous options and why they work for us:

The length of this is fabulous and will elongate and accentuate our tall frames. The faux fur collar is an added bonus.

This shirt is super long and is perfect to wear with leggings or skinny jeans. Are the arms going to be long enough? Probably not. But you can easily roll these up, layer with a long sleeved top underneath or even just leave the cuffs unbuttoned with a small scrunch of the sleeve. You can layer this dress with so many things! It's a great foundational piece and calf length so it will fit very comfortably right above the knee.This jacket will go with everything this season. Check out the bottom of the sleeves. This is great for us because the lack of buttons make them easy to roll and the structure of this sleeve in particular makes it easy to scrunch.

This is a calf length skirt. It will fit like a knee length skirt on us which is perfect for the office or dressed down for a casual day out. I love the denim detail.

I have the pleasure of attending the opening of their new store in Solano this Thursday!  I can't wait to get a first look at brand spankin new store and guess what...I want you to come with me!  We will...

1. Shop the new store together before anyone else...

2. I will style a look for you that you will get to walk out of the store with (top, bottom and accessory)...

3. You will get a $100 H&M gift card!

How do you enter?  It's simple.  Share you favorite H&M option from the Autumn line on twitter and make sure to include @hmusa and @TallSWAGThe deadline for entering is 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 6th. I will pick the winner at random and send you all the deets! 

Here is a little reminder of the location and time:) You must be able to attend to win.

Grand Opening of the H&M Solano location at 10:30 a.m. - Solano Town Center: 1350 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533

I can't wait to shop with you and H&M Solano!