My Perfect Locks

Photo Credit:  Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

I am 210% happy to announce that I am finally comfortable with my natural hair.

Whew! It took awhile and it was a long road but I can truly tell you that I love it.

My natural hair has been something that I fought my entire life and used to only reveal it to my stylist. I would get my weave taken down and put right back up at every visit. My natural hair was fully concealed and tracks became a vital part of my look. I came to a point where I refused to deviate from the long tresses and even went as far to feel like the sewn in locks were actually better than what God gave me.

In many ways, rockin my natural hair was the final step to true self acceptance. Listen, I'm going to have my insecure moments just like EVERYONE else but they will only be moments because I now know, in every way, that I was built specifically and wonderfully and that I am made specifically to achieve things that only I was built to achieve. My hair is not a hindrance. It is part of a package that makes me complete.

My hair is also versatile. Now that it's out for the world to see, I have been playing around with styles that are not only fun, but also protective. Remember when I rocked these box braids?

Photo Credit:  Lakeela Smith

Photo Credit: Lakeela Smith

Well, these bad boys will be coming back soon because Natural Hair does require a lot of maintenance and sometimes I need a little breaky break. I mean, months of really doing nothing to your hair is amazing and mine usually grows faster while it's being's a win-win situation!

I also started playing around with something else...wigs!

Let me tell you...

Where have you been all my life?

If I had known about wigs, I personally may have never worn a weave because you can switch up your look very easily and you can care for your natural hair far easier when the hair isn't permanently sewn in. You literally braid your hair, put a wig cap on, throw on the wig and blend your hairline. Now, this was my first time ever wearing one, so the technique still needs a little work but you can literally change your look up in minutes.

This Human Hair wig from Perfect Locks gives me a straight look without putting heat on my natural hair that could mess up my curl pattern. It protects my natural hair and is great for those lazy days where I simply don't want to put in work on these curls.

I am a big fan of this protective style and the most important part is...this wig compliments me, not completes me. I wear it,, and any other hairstyle, because I want to and not because I need to. I am truly NOT my hair but it sure is fun to play around with it!