Jump for my Love

Spoon Printed Jumper (XL - 37" inseam) - Alloy Apparel/3/4 sleeve blazer - Forever21/Necklaces and Bracelet - Forever 21/Cap-toe Pumps (Size 12) - Payless/Bag - Thrifted

Photo Credit: Shannon Warf

After my last tall jumpsuit post, I got an email asking me if I thought jumpsuits were appropriate for work.


Jumpsuits are one of the more versatile types of clothing because the same jumpsuit can be elegant, casual and work appropriate. It's all about the accompanying details. Add a little bling and a strappy shoe and you are ready for a night out with the girls. Put on some flat sandals and a headband and you have a boho chic look for a backyard BBQ. And by all means, add a blazer and pumps like I did for this look and you have a polished fit for a work presentation. Side note: Don't be afraid to try something new with a piece you have worn many times. You will be amazed at the new outfit you create.

This particular jumper from the Alloy Apparel Tall Shop is one of my favorite finds right now. It's super long (I am wearing 3.5" heels and it's STILL long enough), the fabric is soft and flows beautifully and the cut of the jumpsuit is very flattering for our beautiful tall frames. Not to mention it has an amazing print which is something that is going to be everywhere this spring and summer. And please ladies, NEVER believe that lie that a tall girl shouldn't wear print because we can, will and always rock it the best!

How do you rock a jumpsuit?