Many words come to mind when I think about the Waterfall coat from NEXT but the biggest loudest one is SWOON. I am in love with the color, cut and length of it. It goes with everything, is super warm and has little details like the clasp that holds it together that just sets this coat apart for me. It also comes in pink. SWOON again.

I have a secret. This isn’t even the tall version. I wanted the ability to layer this coat with some long sleeves (it’s apparently the chic thing to do right now) so I ordered the regular coat (usually I am not into regular things but in this case, I am in). You see how long the regular is so just imagine the tall.

I paired this fab coat with the 36” inseam Easy Crepe Pants for LEL. I love them! The only thing I would change about them (which I did myself in 30 seconds) is taking off the metal pieces on the end of the strings (just not my thing). I also put on one of my favorite bodysuits from ASOS (clearly because it’s animal print) and my wine booties from Payless (up to size 13). They are my favorite find right now. TIP: Remember to always Google coupon codes before ordering anything. You never know what might be out there.

I am so excited that it’s getting cold enough for fits like this! What are you looking forward to rocking this fall and winter?