Get To The Point

Hello my pretties:) How is everyone doing today? Keep it fabulous at all times.

Now that we have checked our fab meter, let's turn it up even higher with some hot pointed booties.

Ooo wee. I dare you to put a pair of these on and not werk. Not only are they the it shoe for fall and winter, pointed toe shoes in general have a timelessness about them that will keep them fresh for many seasons to come.

These are 10 styles that I am coveting in sizes up to 15. Yes mama. I said 15. Explore. Be dazzled. Strut like no other.

Side note: every time I typed pointed bootie, I looked back at my actual booty to see if it was pointed. I am happy to report that it is not.

Now, please return to your regular boot shop programming. TallSWAG it all day!