Flower Bomb

Floral Lace Trim Shirt - Long Tall Sally (on sale for only $29)/Side Stripe Slim Leg Pants - Long Tall Sally (on sale for only $29)/Pumps - Christian Siriano for Payless (size 12)/Bag - Collage Clothing Lounge/Frosting - Forever 21

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

I often wonder how many amazing things we never enjoy because of lies that we tell ourselves.

I used to lie to myself about floral patterns. For some reason I thought I wouldn't look good in them and so I simply never tried them on. 

One day while trying on clothes, the owner of the shop handed me some dresses that she picked for me to try on.  She was obviously trying to upsell me (clever) but I wasn't in a hurry so I started taking the dresses off the hangers and trying them on.  When I got to the last dress it was a burst of floral.  I immediately started putting my own clothes back on but then thought "silly girl, just try it on."  Although I didn't like the cut of the dress, I really liked the floral and was mad at myself for limiting my style.  How dare I do that to me.

I said all of that to say this: when it comes to style TRY EVERYTHING.  The world will not be over if you don't like it and if you do, you will have another paragraph to add to your style story.  A simple yet powerful key to unlock the door to everything great:)

Now that I have unlocked my floral door, I wear it all the time.  Do I like every floral, no but I would have never worn it period if I continued to lie to myself.  Currently my flower crush is on the Floral Lace Trim Shirt from Long Tall Sally.  It has amazing colors, a longer torso and an elegant touch of lace that really ties the shirt together. Loves!

PS.  It's on sale for $29 right now and the pants are $29 too.  Don't click too fast, you might hurt your finger;)