Dressing Blind

Tall Jacquard Blazer - Next/Tall Stretch Cotton Cami - Long Tall Sally/Shorts - H&M/Ankle strap sandals - Target (size 11)/Frosting - Forever 21/Clutch - Thrifted

Photo Credit: YBowyer Photography

As a single woman, my friends often set me up on blind dates. Although I know my sweet, dear friends only have my best interest in mind, the blind dates always end up in a complete and utter FLOP. For example, on one of my most infamous blind dates, the guy told me that if we continued dating, I would have to cool it with the heels (followed by the I am kidding but I am not really kidding laugh).  I promptly got up, paid half, went back to the table, shook his hand and left. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I say all of that to say this, it's hard dressing for blind dates and dates in general.  You don't want to do too much or too little.  You want to be a lady (this is actually something I strive to do at all times) but you don't want to be a grandma (you will have plenty of years down the line for this).  You also have to take in to account what you are actually going to do on the date.  I mean, there are so many factors that go in to a date outfit.  Guys have absolutely no idea how intricate it really is.

My take is usually simple with a sprinkle of elegance. I Always wear a heel because I normally wear them, love them and if he isn't confident enough for me to wear them, I want to know right away.  I always like a pop of color and usually like to show off these God given legs.  We have them and should share them.

I know I am not alone on this.  What ensemble do you put together for a date night?