Rack it Up

Dress - Target/Blazer - Forever 21/Heels - Enzo Angiolini via Nordstrom/Wrist Piece and Neck Pieces (2 chain pieces stacked) - Forever 21/Patent Handbag - Thrifted

Photo credit: Eric Rodriguez

I got a lot of emails about my last post, specifically about the tailoring aspect.  I was really surprised how many people didn't think that clothing off the rack could work for them.  I understand completely BUT it is very possible to rock clothing off the rack and look amazing.  Here are some handy-dandy tips on how-to shop clothing off the rack:

1) Find 3/4" sleeves.  While the bodies of the garments vary, the arms almost always work and if not, they are easily tailored.  So if you see a 3/4 sleeve, try it on.  7 times out of 10 you will love it!  I found this fire engine red, cropped, 3/4" blazer at Forever 21.  It looked like a baby jacket on the hanger but I loved it when I tried it on.

2) When it comes to dresses and skirts, shop one length up.  If you want a mini skirt, look for garments that are made above the knee, if you want above the knee, look for garments that are midi length and so on and so forth.  I swooped this sweet little dress from Target!  I wanted it to be short but not as short as some of the dresses that are 'made' to be short.  When I found this knee length dress, it was perfect for the mini, cute look I was going for.  Hey legs! 

3) Look for cuffs.  You can usually turn them down easily and without paying a tailor.  This works for both pants and shirts.  A little DIY never hurt anybody.

4) Find alternative ways to wear the garment.  I do this a lot when shopping for vintage clothing.  Just because it was made to be one thing, doesn't mean you can't wear it another way.  You own your style, and can rock your purchases the way you want to.  For example, I threw a belt on this vintage skirt and wore it as a dress.

You can follow TallSWAG on instagram by clicking the pic or find TallSWAG on your instagram app on your mobile phone.Do I like the fact that we don't have choices on the rack?  NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. It needs to change.  Every single woman should be able to have the same shopping experience.  I am working toward the day when we can ALL walk into a store and buy something made specifically for us.  However the fact remains that this is our current situation...so get out there and shop!  They may not be made for us, but we can MAKE them for us.

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